Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wine and Cheese

"Does cheese go bad if it's never been opened?" my co-worker asked. No, we don't discuss cheese all day just because we live in Wisconsin. After some thought, we determined that though it may be safe to eat the cheese, only bad things happen with time.

Unlike a fine wine that gets better with time, the hiring process is more like the cheese. As time goes by, only bad things happen. Hiring managers be aware: if the candidate comes off of the interview or initial phone screen with excitement and anticipation, it will be diminished if they don't hear from you in a timely fashion. Do take the time to run background checks and make sure this is the right cultural fit for your company, the right revenue producer. But while you may be taking your time making a decision, realize that the candidate is thinking, wondering why he/she hasn't heard from you, and contemplating another offer that is looking sweeter by the minute.

Indecision is often a decision in itself. Don't let the cheese go bad.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Candidates: Recruiters Need Your Help

I speak for many recruiters when I say, most resumes do not tell us what we need to know. Specifically, most candidates list companies and titles, but do not describe what the company does and who their clients are. Without that information, we can't relate the responsibilities and achievements to current clients needs that we are trying to fill. My advice is to assume that the reader of your resume does not know who your company is, what your products or services are, and the markets in which your company participates. Be very clear on all of these, and also stay away from industry acronyms or buzz words. You can tell that this is a pet-peeve of mine and of many search professionals.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Candidates Go Fast

We have been identifying some excellent sales candidates lately who are looking to enhance their careers. What I am finding is that sales candidates with very good track records are being hired as quickly in this economic downturn as they were when business was booming. What it should tell you is that when you interview a high-caliber sales person, assume that they are being recruited by other companies. Don't wait on your decision. If you do, they might be hired already.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hope is in the Air

Spring is fast approaching and people's attitudes in general are rising and thinking more positively. You need to take that same attitude and be confident in your abilities and what you can bring to a new employer. Whenever you interview or talk to a prospective employer, always take the attitude that you bring a lot of value to their organization. The way you feel about yourself will have a great impact on the impression you make in being evaluated for a new opportunity. The phrase "attitude produces altitude" has been around a long time, but is as true as it's ever been. Some employer will see your value, but it will only happen if you see it yourself.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good News Today

The Dow went up almost 400 points today. It was the first sign of good news in a long time. It's important that you keep your attitude up and looking forward, not dwelling on what you hear in the news or what is now past. Concentrate on maximizing your performance, and generate the very best results that you possibly can. Opportunities will surface for people who have exceptional performance. It might not come as fast as you'd like, but it will come. If you're in the middle of a job search, and you currently have a job, your first priority is keeping your performance at an excellent level. Don't let your performance drop at a time when you might have your mind on your next position.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Link Up to LinkedIn

I have found LinkedIn to be a very good tool to both find and network with candidates and people in a particular industry. It's also great to find old business contacts, old friends, and most importantly, names of hiring managers at particular companies. Depending upon level of subscription you have, you would be able to send them a message telling that hiring manager about yourself. LinkedIn also gives you the ability to build your own network of contacts in your industry. Networking has been proven to be the most effective way to search for and acquire a job. Learn how to used LinkedIn, use it, and you will be surprised of the many ways it will help you connect with people that could possibly help you professionally and personally.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Tired of Being Cold

This morning I walked to my car, and once again, the frozen air of Wisconsin struck me hard. I really am sympathetic for outside sales people. These are the kind of days you just want to stay inside and not call anybody. My hands were cold as I reached my office, and my partner's Pepsi was frozen solid from the vending machine. I appreciated my job today as a recruiter because I could stay in my office, make a lot of phone calls, and talk to some very nice people around the country. If you are an experienced sales person and are tired of the cold and constant travel, maybe you should consider this field. Except for the frozen Pepsi, it was a good day.